Museum Contest Rules to add your own design


Hello Lego fans, designers and creators !!

You can add your own design of what you think needs to be in a Lego Museum . If granted by the Parts and Toys team or you get 100 votes at least,  you get a reward of the bricks for the real build and printed  instructions.

Submissions need to be in ldd or mlcad form. After your project is chosen at for hand you can upload pictures of your project.

You may not sell the instructions or hand it out to third parties.  If you do the commission will stop.

Your set will be sold in the Parts and Toys web shop in the future after completion and will be displayed in the museum with your name as designer.

You will get a commission of each set sold. The margin of that depends on the amount of bricks used at a maximum of 50 euro a set for models that are between 7000 and 8000 bricks. for each set sold so 100 sets = 5000 euro.(if the commission is 50 euro)

The bricks used need to be available new on bricklink against normal duable prices and in huge amounts or available by Lego sets,  so rare or used Lego parts are not to be used.

Your design  can be anything you like to see in a museum,  it can be a statue , a building,  a car a boat what ever your imagination brings you.

If your design is chosen , your name will be mentioned on the instructions and on the webpage, even a link to your webpage if you have one will appear on this website and will be displayed in the museum with your name as designer.

The voters need to be registered in Parts and Toys site.

You can create as many models as you like.  Multiple projects will win, one from each designer with a maximum of 1.500 euro value of bricks and an maximum of 10 projects in total! .

Mocs that are posted in the Lego® site are disqualified because all models that are posted there are claimed to be from Lego® by their terms and conditions. you can go round that by designing a slightly difrent set then posted there.

we look forward to see your creations !!

its also posible to donate sets to the museum outside this contest or after and we talk about the design of such sets (not the parts) as we not steal and Always mention the creator the commision is Always there if you like it






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